1. Creating a suitable ground for forming an active general assembly and holding elections of the scientific association in the next period

2. Planning for periodic and annual activities of the association

3. Attracting interested and creative students and creating motivation and desire for scientific-research activities among all students

4. Institutionalizing spontaneous activities and extracurricular activities of students in order to create a lively atmosphere in the faculty and university

5. Increasing the level of students’ participation in group and group scientific activities

6. Establishing continuous communication with similar scientific associations in other universities through cultural and extracurricular management

7. Establishment of research centers and groups with the participation of excellent educational and research students and planning for the implementation of student research projects

8. Utilizing the scientific potential of students to strengthen the links between the university and various social and executive departments

9. Identifying elite and distinguished students and benefiting from their participation in improving the scientific atmosphere of the faculty

10. Cooperation with the educational deputy of the faculty in order to promote the students scientifically

11. Holding and cooperating in the implementation of festivals, conferences, scientific competitions and preparatory tests for entering postgraduate courses

12. Cooperation with university officials in planning and organizing scientific visits to scientific, industrial and cultural centers of the country

13. Production and publication of scientific journals, computer software, scientific-educational films and organization of specialized workshops independently or in cooperation with other fields and universities

14. Maintaining the tools and equipment of the association and submitting the performance report of the association once every 3 months to the council of teachers and the central office of the scientific associations.